Benefits Of Aircraft Hangars

aircraft hangar

Direct sunlight can heat an aircraft to unbearable temperatures and, in addition to avionics, cause damage inside and outside the hangar building. Aircraft hangars can be heated and cooled as required to improve the maintenance and comfort of aircraft personnel.

Other aircraft owners also benefit from storing their aircraft in hangars to protect them from faded paint, crazy windows, burned avionics, hail damage and other possible damage. Warehouses are large and expensive structures that are built and maintained, but they allow operators to easily store and move work and aircraft. These hangars offer plenty of room to manoeuvre aircraft and carry out maintenance work on them. You can have aircraft hangars made of steel for a single small aircraft or several larger aircraft to meet your needs.  

The advantages of prefabricated steel structures make them a logical choice for aircraft hangars and other commercial and industrial structures. Metal buildings can be used for aviation installations such as stand-alone or multi-part projects, private and commercial hangars, storage, maintenance and repair hangars. 

Reinforced doors, reinforced locks and the use of stainless steel walls and roofs ensure that you can safely store your aircraft in a steel hangar. Open floor space and high eaves allow aircraft to manoeuvre freely around the building, and steel aircraft hangars provide the space you need and need. The accommodation allows you to build an aircraft in a structure that not only meets the structural requirements but also provides space.

Metal hangars can withstand snow, rain, wind, earthquakes, lightning strikes and other types of buildings. When you buy an aircraft storage facility, your hangar can be used when you need it, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Depending on how you intend to get your hangar space and what type of aircraft is stored, whether your aircraft is private or commercial, this may affect the type of hangars you need. For example, sponsors must consider many factors when deciding whether to build a large jet hangar for corporate operators or a smaller T-hangar for single-engine aircraft. For this reason, such activities could displace aircraft owners who seek hangar space for aircraft storage and operation to charitable or non-profit activities that may in turn involve the use of warehouses or commercial aircraft.

In addition to protecting the aesthetic and operational qualities of your aircraft, but not to mention its value, hanging your aircraft reduces insurance costs. If the airport hangar design is equipped with a fire protection system, it provides your aircraft with an additional layer of protection and reduces your insurance costs.

Hangar storage – Hangars have enough space to accommodate aircraft parts and materials needed for aircraft maintenance. These types of hangars provide a spacious, durable and safe environment for both private and corporate aircraft providers. As a temporary storage structure, aircraft hangars protect your aircraft from atmospheric influences and offer you years of reliable use.

With stainless steel aircraft hangars, you can enjoy custom dimensions for aircraft of any size, open floor plans for easy safety, and a durable and robust hangar that requires minimal maintenance to ensure it continues to provide high-quality storage. We offer you a durable construction solution that can be installed and used for decades or a temporary aircraft hangar that can be set up for the duration of your distant projects.

The Tulsa-based American Airlines maintenance facility is the largest maintenance facility in the world, covering a total area of 3.3 million square feet in 22 buildings and over 800 aircraft, more than 100,000 of which are repaired each year.

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